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Team -Golden Sun Organic Moccs

Team -Golden Sun Organic Moccs

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These organic baby moccs are the perfect shoes for your little one - They feature a golden rays of sun amongst sunbeam rainbows. The heel is a hand-dyed rust cotton canvas. The non-slip vegan soles are flexible, durable and provides traction to promote confident walkers . Fully lined in organic bamboo fleece, this is both thermal regulating and provides a fit that is so soft on your baby's feet- allowing them to wear with/without socks.

Just measure your little one's foot from heel to big toe before purchasing and compare to the size chart below. These measurements are exact from heel to toe - so please add an extra 1/2" to allow for growth and wiggle room. 

Size 1: (Newborn) Sole length is 4.25:

Size 2: (0-3 months) Sole length is 4.5"

Size 3: (3 months) Sole length is 4.75"

Size 4: (6 months) Sole length is 5"

Size 5: (9 months) Sole length is 5.25"

Size 6: (12 months) Sole length is 5.5"

Size 7: (18 months) Sole length is 5.75"

Size 8: (2 years) Sole length is 6"

Size 9: (3 years) Sole length is 6.5"

Size 10: Sole length is 7"

Size 11: Approx. shoe size 7/8

Size 12: Approx. shoe size 9/10

Size Youth 1: Approx. shoe size 11/12 

Size Youth 2: Approx. shoe size 13/1 - sole length 8"

Adult 3: Women's shoe size 5 - sole length 8.5"

Adult 4: Women's shoe size 6 - sole length 9"